About Our Company

Paul Golightly knows that understanding each individual client’s situation and long-term goals, forms the cornerstone of ongoing business relationships, and that locating the right financial products will save his clients time, effort and money.

We pride ourselves on our personal service and always respond to every customer the same day as they contact us. We value your time as well as our own and do exactly what we say, first time, without having to be prompted. That is the reason the vast majority of our customers remain repeat, long term clients who come back to us time and again due to their history of good experiences.

In today’s financial climate where banks and lenders present customers with an ever increasing number of hurdles to cross when applying for loans, our experience and relationships mean we know the questions they will ask and address the answers professionally so all aspects of the loan process flow smoothly from start to finish. Just as you’d engage a recognised Accountant or Tax Specialist to complete your annual financials or Tax Return and present them to the ATO, there has never been a more important time than now to engage the services of a licensed Finance professional to help you achieve the best possible loan facility that suits your individual requirements.

When you’re next looking to finance any capital item, be it a motor vehicle or machinery, contact Finance Qld and we will sit alongside you and assess your financial needs and loan options including Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage and Leasing to ensure we achieve the right loan type that suits you best.

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Director Paul Golightly has been involved in arranging finance for small, medium and large businesses for over 40 years. After gaining 12 years’ experience including Management positions within the corporate sector of Lloyds Bank in the UK, the opportunity was taken to move permanently to Australia in 1989. Following a further 10 years experience as a Finance Broker in South East Qld, Finance Qld Pty Ltd was formed in 1999. The wealth of experience, contacts and industry specific expertise gained in that time has seen the business forge a niche market in Equipment Finance, specialising mainly in finance for machinery and motor vehicles for individuals and companies.

Finance Qld has become the preferred Broker to many major machinery suppliers and our panel of lenders generally regard our finance submissions on behalf of our clients as being second to none. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail, and can always be relied upon to return every phone call from each customer, lender or supplier which is a fundamental quality unable to be matched by the banks and our competitors.

Specialists in Equipment and Vehicle Finance