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Introducing Wayne Williams

With the arrival of Wayne Williams mid-last year as a partner in the business, Finance Qld adds not only his 15 years’ experience specialising in vehicle and equipment finance but also opens avenues to all forms of financial services. These include commercial loans, property loans, insurance products, financial planning, private health cover and everything associated within the finance industry.

Wayne operates from central Brisbane which complements our Noosa based operations and adds another avenue of business opportunities and services for clients new and old. He can be contacted on 0418 510467 or


Paul Golightly on 0412 884100 or


Know your options before you buy vehicles, machinery, plant & equipment.

When we arrange pre-approval of finance on behalf of our customers, they buy vehicles and machinery with the confidence to negotiate the best terms with the supplier and have finance in place they fully understand and are happy with.

We have negotiated with all major banks and finance companies on behalf of our customers for over 27 years and carefully monitor all finance options available for each individual customer. This ensures you obtain the right finance with the right terms.


AWISA 2016 Melbourne 6th – 9th July

The upcoming AWISA 2016 will be the 13th consecutive AWISA we have attended and comes a few weeks after our visit to Xylexpo in Milan, Italy – an exhibition similar to AWISA and one of the biggest of its type in Europe. We saw new, state of the art machinery and computerisation, some of which will be on display in Melbourne.

All customers old & new are invited to discuss finance requirements either before, during or after the show by contacting Paul on 0412 884100.


New car, ute or item of machinery – finance pre-approval makes good business sense.

When considering purchasing a new car, ute or item of machinery, astute buyers explore all finance options available, obtain pre-approval of finance and shop with the confidence and knowledge they will have the right loan type with the right terms.

Call or email us and we’ll take care of your finance requirements with the right advice.

We also have contacts within the industry for most vehicle makes/models who will be happy to offer independent advice.