Loan Types

Plant & Machinery

To meet our clients expanding equipment needs, we specialise in arranging finance for a range of assets including:

  • Woodworking & engineering machinery
  • Computers, IT, software packages
  • Motor-vehicles, earthmoving
  • High-tech manufacturing & printing equipment
  • Telecommunications and new technology systems
  • Office fit outs
  • Specialised healthcare equipment

Clients can also take advantage of a wide range of finance options, including leasing, hire purchase, chattel mortgage and rentals. These options can be tailored to meet specific cash management needs, tax issues and changing technology requirements. Finance Qld will guide you through the structuring of your financial arrangements and establish a package to suit your individual requirements.

Plant and equipment finance has been the base on which Finance Qld was built. Over the last 24 years this commitment to the woodworking, engineering and various manufacturing industries has resulted in many long-term relationships with a loyal customer base with around 80% being repeat clients.

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Motor Vehicle Finance

Before buying a motor vehicle Finance Qld can help you address several finance related issues, we can save you time, money and frustration.

With our long established lender relationships and a vast amount of experience behind us, we can guide you around the potholes. Getting you the right balance of rates, terms and conditions in a timeframe that suits you.

Most car dealers offer “fast, easy finance”, but this usually steers the customer towards one or maybe two lenders that the car-yard uses for their benefit, not yours. We work for you and have no specific allegiance to any one lender.

“You need the lender that is best for you – after all, you’re making the payments”.

With “in house car-yard finance” the payment for the vehicle is usually made internally on or before you pick up the car. This may well be fast and easy but this can turn out to be a major problem to you. In the vast majority of cases the vehicle is fine, but what if it’s not? What if it’s dented, complianced last year, missing extras or just not right? You’ve already paid in full and your bargaining power has gone.

Finance Qld acts with your interests foremost and will not pay the car dealer without your say so. If you are not happy with the car prior to delivery, the payment is not made until you are. This keeps you in control, with us working for you. In most cases we have access to lower interest rates and many of our regular customers obtain pre-approval from us before looking for their vehicle. Once armed with finance approval you become a ‘cash’ buyer and may then be able to drive a harder bargain with the purchase price. Finance Qld specialises in car finance and by taking a little more care we make sure you have the right loan.

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Who Needs a Finance Broker?

You do! ……… Unless:

You have access to the keenest rates from most major banks and finance companies.

You fully understand lenders approval terms & conditions (for example lenders can often ‘tag on’ loans to security held against existing borrowings e.g. your home mortgage)

You fully understand the best ways to obtain finance that will best suit your situation

You have in house access to Insurance, Superannuation, Commercial Banking and Property finance specialists

You have the expertise to liaise with lenders and present a professional application for finance which answers all the questions you will be required to answer.

Unless you can answer ‘YES’ to all of the above questions contact us

Specialists in Equipment and Vehicle Finance