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Let us take the worry out of the loan process while you concentrate on what you’re best at.

By going to your own bank or approaching finance companies yourself in the hope of obtaining the right loan with the right terms has increasingly become a tedious, time consuming ordeal. More and more individuals and business operators engage a professional, experienced Finance Broker to undertake this task on their behalf. Finance Qld provides a comprehensive, professional service to all of our customers offering relevant advice to ensure the loan package is the best available to suit each individual client saving you time and money and with the minimum of fuss.

  • We meet with you, usually at your premises and listen to your needs. From there we can determine the most advantageous finance option available to your specific requirements and outline which loan type will suit you best and why.
  • We obtain from you all necessary information to enable us to compile a comprehensive finance application which we use to gain approval of the best available finance facility for you. Our application format is familiar to our whole panel of lenders who are comfortable with information we compile and provide. The application is almost always to their complete satisfaction before it leaves our premises.
  • We closely and continually monitor interest rates, loan terms and conditions from our range of banks and finance companies and select the most suitable lender(s) first to approve the application to obtain the most advantageous approval terms.
  • Once we have written finance approval, we monitor approval conditions to ensure they are satisfactory and go through the approval with you to ensure you are comfortable with it so there are no surprises.
  • When you are ready to proceed we arrange all necessary finance documentation, have it executed and arrange the supplier to be paid. Once settlement occurs we contact by email and follow up by telephone to confirm all has gone through smoothly and everyone is happy.
  • Finally, we provide every customer and their Accountant with written details of each loan which are needed for your end of financial year Tax Returns.
  • We are available for any ongoing finance related requirements and will happily address any issues or queries you may have during the time of the loan e.g. if you require early payout figures, sometimes we can obtain preferential early payout figures and have saved many customers $1,000’s over the years as part of our ongoing service.
  • We are members of the professional broker associations, CAFBA and AFCA.
  • Our staff hold qualifications recognised within the industry.
  • We do not sell our own loans nor do we give preference to any one lender over the other when placing each loan application. The best loan terms and conditions for each customer is the sole basis of our choice of lender.
  • Finance Qld complies with the Privacy Act to ensure the security of your personal and financial details and as an Australian Credit Licence holder fully complies and in some cases exceeds ASIC requirements.
  • Finance Qld has professional indemnity insurance that will safeguard you in the event of legal action. We are also a member of AFCA, a body set up to resolve client disputes between clients and Brokers. However, in the unlikely event that a problem arose it could be easily resolved by contacting us directly.

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